Allan Didier

Intermediate Scene Creation

Assignment Details

Create a realistic, complex scene such as the interior of a house, castle, cave, mountain or other interesting area. Your models can be more simplistic, but you will need many different objects arranged in a more complex 3D space. You will also need to create a more advanced lighting system for your scene, such as sunlight, moonlight, or firelight. Animating camera movement is a great way to view the scene that you have created. Create a more complex scene that includes:

  • Setting
    • Indoor vs. Outdoor
    • Night vs. Day
    • Location: What is the location? Is it in a house, buildings, cave, forest, desert, etc?
  • Objects
    • Use a lot of simple objects or a few complex objects.
    • Add realistic materials and textures to the objects.  Look through the Intermediate Materials and Textures assignments for ideas.
    • Make sure objects are placed properly in 3D space.
    • Use transparent objects for windows to allow light in or out.
  • Lighting
    • Make sure to look at the Intermediate Lighting assignment for ideas.
    • Light Scheme
      • 3-point lighting works well when lighting an object, but may not work for a scene.
      • You may need a customized scheme to light your scene.
    • Key lights
      • Outdoor and natural light scenes use the sun as the key light and supplement with other lights.
      • Indoor and night scenes use other key lights.
    • Color
      • Vary the color of the lights to affect the mood of the scene.
      • The color of the light determines the color of the objects, not the color on the object.
  • Camera Motion
    • In order to see your scene outside of Blender, you may have to take a tour of your scene. 
    • This can be done with animating your camera.
    • See the Intermediate Camera page for more information.

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There is no set rubric for these assignments. Grading details will be set based on the project you are doing.