Allan Didier

APCS Assignment List

Below is the list of assignments for the AP Computer Science A course. We will follow this list in order, but the list and assignments are subject to change.  Feel free to move ahead in the course if you want. Grading of the assignments will be based on the APCS Programming Rubric.

  1. Block Initials
  2. Number Variables
  3. Fractions
  4. Leap Year
  5. Rock, Paper, Scissors
  6. Rock, Paper, Scissors with Strings
  7. Math Methods
  8. Password Checker
  9. Find and Replace
  10. GPA Calculator
  11. Star Patterns
  12. Game Character
  13. Game Character Overloaded
  14. Student Account
  15. Array Intro
  16. Student Account Array
  17. Battleship
  18. Battleship Adjustable
  19. ArrayLists
  20. Inheritance Intro
  21. Bubble Sort
  22. Selection Sort
  23. Insertion Sort
  24. Binary Search
  25. Palindrome Recursion
  26. Group Project

When you are finished with the above assignments and done with the curriculum for the AP exam, check out the Other Programs page for ways to take your programming beyond the AP exam.