Allan Didier

G&M Final Exam

Project Description

The final exam for Graphics and Modeling class is just your next project. You can choose to do a project that encompasses all that you have learned so far or do the next project in your progression. We will not have a traditional test for the final, just your final project. You will be given at least two weeks to complete this final exam project. Your final exam project should be either

  1. A showcase of the many skills you have learned. It should be something new that you have created that highlights a variety of skills learned in the class.
  2. A demonstration of new skills. Do a new projects that takes your skills to the next level. This can just be the next project in your list of projects. 

The final exam will count for about 15% of your final semester grade. Actually, this is about the same amount of the other projects, so it is not really weighted any more than the other projects.