Allan Didier

G&M Level 2

The goal of the first level/semester of Graphics and Modeling is to introduce students to the general 3D modeling tools and Blender software. By now, you should have as good idea what Blender can do and what it is used for. 

Students taking Graphics and Modeling for a second semester should focus on creating a bigger project (that may take months to create) and developing specific 3D modeling skills towards a career in the field. Take some time to really think about where your interest lies in 3D modeling. 3D modeling careers are often focused around the following fields. 

  • Modeling. Do you want to create a realistic models like a dragon, character, or car?
  • Animation. Do you want to create more realistic animations? 
  • Scene Creation. Are you interested in creating things like cityscapes, worlds, forests, building or spaceship interiors? 
  • Asset Creation. Are you a game designer who wants to create their own assets for a game? Do you want to print your designs to a 3D printer? Do you want to bring your designs into a movie or website? 

What work or career from above are you interested in? Work with Mr. Didier to come up with a plan to pursue one or more of these career fields.