Allan Didier

Graphics and Modeling Projects

Required Assginments

The eight assignments below are all required and follow the skills mapped out in the Graphics and Modeling Skills Page. You can do them in whatever order, but the order below is the easiest order to do them in as many of the later skills require the earlier skills. 


1. Beginner Meshes

Create and manipulate simple 3D mesh objects.


2. Beginner Modeling

Edit a mesh to make it look the way you want.

Materials and Textures

3. Beginner Materials & Textures

Put color, materials and textures on your meshes.

3 point lighting

4. Beginner 3-Point Lighting

Make your objects look 3-dimensional with 3-point lighting.


5. Beginner Rigging

Create a skeletal rig and attach it to a mesh.


6. Beginner Animation

Create a simple animation.

Intermediate Modeling

7. Intermediate Modeling

Add to your modeling skills with modifiers, proportional editing, sculpting and more.

Intermediate Textures

8. Intermediate Materials & Textures

Make your models more realistic with advanced materials, UV mapping, and procedural textures.

Independent Projects

After completing the above eight assignments and demonstrating their respective skills, you will then be required to design your own independent projects. Your projects will be designed to expand your skill knowledge into the other Intermediate and Advanced Skills mapped out in the Skills Page.  You will need to complete 3 more projects of your choosing. Work with Mr. Didier to design your projects and grading rubrics. See the Independent Projects Page for more details.

Alternate Blender Projects: Google Sketchup

If you don’t have access to Blender or want a different take on 3D graphics, you can do projects using Google SketchUp instead. SketchUp is a CAD-style 3D program designed for designing physical objects that can be built or printed. It runs through a web browser, so it will run on your Chromebooks. No extra software is required. Follow this link for SketchUp Projects.

Final Exam

The final exam for this class is just another project. See the Final Exam page for more details.