Allan Didier

Intermediate Materials & Textures

Intermediate Materials & Textures


Students will apply more complex materials and textures to meshes. 


  • UV mapping
  • Multi-node materials
  • Bump, displacement, and roughness maps
  • Procedural textures
  • Mulit-material meshes
Intermediate Textures

Assignment Details

Take an object you have created and make it look more realistic using more complex materials. Create mesh objects with the following materials or textures applied to them. For the assignment, you should have an object or objects with the following things:
  1. At least 3 different materials
  2. One object with at least 2 materials on it.
  3. At least one procedural texture.
You need to use at least 3 of the techniques below.

Previous Student Work

Right-Click on the image and choose Open in New Tab (or Window) to view a larger image. 


These tutorials are longer, multi-part tutorials that cover many of the techniques mentioned above and create more complex meshes. They also cover Intermediate Materials & Texture techniques and can count for that assignment as well.


Topic / Grade




Number of Techniques

At least 3 techniques have been demonstrated.

At least 2 techniques have been demonstrated.

At least 2 techniques have been demonstrated.

Application of techniques

The techniques have been used clearly and appropriately.

The techniques have been used clearly, but not necessarily appropriately.

It is confusing how the techniques have been used and why they were used.