Allan Didier

Intermediate Lighting

Assignment Details

Create different lighting scenes. Use a modified 3 point lighting system for each scene. Your project should include:

  • 3+ point lighting
    • Add more lights to a 3-point lighting system to better light a subject or scene.
  • Color
    • Use different light colors to evoke different moods and emotions.
  • Mood
    • Use lighting to specifically set a mood.
    • Light a single scene multiple ways to vary the mood.
  • Indoor lighting scene
    • Use of ambient light from sun.
    • Use of artificial lights like lamps, florescent lighting, etc.
  • Outdoor lighting scene
    • Key light is a sun.
    • Use fill and back lights with the sun as a key light.
  • Specialty lighting scene
    • Key light is a candle, torch, fireplace, flashlight, or other.
    • Use objects that emit light instead of normal lights.
    • Consider adding animation to your lights to create firelight, candles, and other lights that move.


Blender Guru Lighting Mastery Series covering various lighting topics to give you some general ideas on how to adjust your lights for various effects. 

Grant Abbitt’s tutorial on how to create a night scene.