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Independent Projects G&M


Students will design their own projects to further advance their Blender skills.

Assignment Details

Once you are finished with the Intermediate Modeling as well as the Intermediate Materials and Textures assignment, you need to choose an independent project to work on. This can be a totally new project, or an extension of a prior project. The independent project should progress your Blender skills into further intermediate skills and advanced skills. You will work with Mr. Didier to come up with an appropriate project. Generally, independent projects fall into one of the following categories. Click on the link to get more information about each topic.

  • Advanced Modeling. Take your modeling to the next level by learning techniques such as sculpting and precision modeling. Let the computer generate things with the skin modifier, particle systems, object generators and HDRI backgrounds. You can also learn new shapes such as Bezier and Nurbs curves, metaballs, and fluids. 
  • Animation.  There is a lot more you can learn and do with animation. Animation topics generally fall into one of the following categories
    • Principles of Animation. Hone your animation skills by demonstrating the 12 principles of animation.
    • Rigging. Create inverse-kinematic and more complex rigs that are better suited for animation. 
    • Physics Animations. Let Blender do the animating for you with rigidbody, fluid and cloth simulations.
    • Animation Short Clips. Focus on specific short animation sequences like walking, running, jumping or flying. 
  • Scene Creation. Model a scene or area such as a forest, a castle, your kitchen, or the inside of a spaceship. Rather than focusing on a a single, complex object like advanced modeling, focus on creating a scene made of many different simpler objects. 
  • Skill Building. Perhaps you don’t have a specific project in mind and want to just expand your Blender knowledge. Pick topics and build your skills in some of the areas you have already learned about. 
  • Other Topics. Integrate your Blender projects into other projects like a movie, a Unity game, and more.
  • Portfolio. Create a portfolio of you work. Seniors, Graphics and Modeling 2 & 3 students will be encouraged to create a portfolio for you final exam.

Previous Student Work

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Advanced Modeling

Scene Creation


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