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Beginner 2.8 Tutorial Series Links

These series cover the basic Blender skills needed for this course. Some of them cover the skills in a different order that I cover them, but they still cover the basic skills. The order in which you learn the skills is not important to me. I just want you to learn the skills.

This is the series from and follows the curriculum in this class closely. It covers a wide range of topics from modeling to rigging and animation. I link to these videos in the assignments.

CG Boost

This series is from CG Boost. This series is better for students wanting to do more complex modeling. It covers intermediate and advanced modeling skills, as well as intermediate materials and textures.

CG Geek

This series is from CG Geek. This tutorial covers some beginner and intermediate modeling as well as intermediate materials and textures. It is shorter and does not cover all the material needed for my curriculum, but it is a good series as well. 

Born CG

This is the series from Born CG and is for the newest version of Blender. It covers most of the topics in our curriculum and more. The videos were made, though, when v 2.8 was still in Beta (it had not been formally released). 

Older Blender Version (2.7) Tutorial Videos

Even though these videos are for the older version of Blender, they are still very useful. Since the new version just came out last summer (2019), many people have not updated their videos to the latest version. These videos cover more topics including intermediate and advanced topics. They may, though, require translating from the old to new version of Blender. Because of this, I don’t recommend them for someone new to Blender. Use them after you are comfortable with Blender and don’t find the transition between the versions to be difficult.

Blender Guru

Blender Guru has some great tutorials on a wide range of Blender topics. His tutorials don’t follow our curriculum that well, but are great when you want to do some independent work. His Anvil tutorial is always a hit with students. This covers intermediate modeling and intermediate materials and textures.

Born CG

This is a great series from Born CG. It covers a huge range of topics and has 87 videos, more than any other series. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something specific.

This is the old series from It has a few topics not covered in their new series and is worth looking at. Here is the link to this series. 


Here are some other links to Blender tutorials in a variety of other techniques.

Google SketchUp

Check out the Google SketchUp page for projects and tutorials.