Allan Didier

Intermediate Camera


Students will animate camera movement in Blender. 


  • Pan
  • Track
  • Zoom & Dolly

Assignment Details

Animate your camera movement to create more interesting shots. Make sure you can do the following camera movements.

  • Pan
    • The camera turns left and right while staying in one place.
    • These shots are often used when wanting to view all the objects in a scene.
  • Track
    • The camera moves left and right, up and down, or in a circle around the subject, but the camera does not pan.
    • These shots are often used when following someone walking or moving.
  • Zoom / Dolly
    • The camera moved forward (in) and backwards (out) on the subject.
    • These shots are used when focusing in on a subject.


  1. Objects animating on a path
    1. Object following a path
    2. Object and camera following a path