Allan Didier

GD 3D Game Kit

Ellen goes 3D! The 3D Game Kit is a huge and complicated kit, but it is a really fun kit to work with. It is a great project as a follow up to the 2D game kit. Working in 3-dimensions makes things much more difficult and any experience with 3D software (like Blender) will help. You can spend a lot of time creating a game with this kit. Below is a breakdown of some projects that you can follow with this kit.  The projects follow the Unity Learn 3D Game Kit tutorial.
  1. Project #1  Get started with the 3D Game Kit and make a small level. Follow the Quick Start tutorial to get going. See the 3D Game Kit Project #1 page for details.
  2. Project #2 Dive deeper into the 3D Game Kit to begin customizing and expanding your level. Follow the 3D Game Kit Walkthrough tutorial to add custom objects with custom textures and a pit of acid. See the 3D Game Kit Project #2 page for details.
  3. Project #3 Continue working through the 3D Game Kit Walkthrough adding environment prefabs, rocks, vegetation, scene organization, and game boundaries. See the 3D Game Kit Project #3 page for details.
  4. Project #4 The 3D Game Kit Walkthrough continues by diving deeper into moving platforms, enemies, and traps. See the 3D Game Kit Project #4 page for details. 
  5. Project #5 Finish the 3D Game Kit Walkthrough. Add respawn checkpoints, weapon pickups, health crates, and teleporters. See the 3D Game Kit Project #5 page for details.
  6. Project #6 and Beyond Finishing the tutorial may just be the beginning of your work with the 3D Game Kit. You can continue working with the kit for many more projects.  The 3D Game Kit Reference Guide goes into further details on how the parts of the game kit are build allowing you to further customize the kit. You can also build levels using your skills. Follow the Level Design page for ideas on how to build interesting levels.  Work with Mr. Didier on setting goals for your next projects. 
3D Game Kit Lite Tutorial is a trimmed down version of the 3D Game Kit. It is designed to introduce you piece by piece to the different parts of the kit. Rather than download the entire 3D Game Kit at once (> 5Gb) you download and build the game one piece at a time.