Allan Didier

GD Create With Code

Unity’s Create With Code tutorial is a great tutorial to learn how to code various types of games in Unity. Types of game skills you will learn include: 

  • driving 
  • flying
  • shooting
  • jumping
  • enemy spawning
  • user interfaces

The tutorials provide all the graphics and animations, you just need to get them moving with code. This tutorial is great for students looking to challenge their programming skills and really see how C# works in Unity. 

Project Description

The Create with Code tutorial can be broken down into 5 different projects, one project for each unit. 

  1. Project 1, Unit 1: Player Control
    1. Create a simple driving game where you smash into things.
    2. Complete the Plane Programming challenge.
  2. Project 2, Unit 2: Basic Gameplay
    1. Create a “shooter” game with randomly spawning enemies.
    2. Complete the Play Fetch challenge.
  3. Project 3, Unit 3: Sound and Effects
    1. Create a platformer with sound and special effects.
    2.  Complete the Balloons, Bombs and Booleans challenge.
  4. Project 4, Unit 4: Gameplay Mechanics
    1. Create a “sumo” style game with waves of spawning enemies.
    2. Complete the Soccer Scripting challenge.
  5. Project 5, Unit 5: User Interface
    1.  Create a user interface for a “click and destroy” style game.
    2. Complete the Whack-a-Food challenge.


Grade / Topic




Tutorial Completion

The tutorial has been completed.

The game plays properly from the tutorial.

The tutorial has been mostly completed.

The game plays mostly as designed in the tutorial.

Over half of the tutorial has been completed.

The game plays somewhat as designed in the tutorial.