Allan Didier

Digital Classroom Tools

I will use a variety of digital tools in my classroom, both physical and virtual. Below is a list of main tools and how they will be used for my classes.

Google / Canvas Classroom

This is the students go-to site for information about class. If you have a question about class, you will hopefully be able to find the answer in Google Classroom. Here is the information you will find in my Google Classrooms

  1. Google Meet codes and links
  2. Assignment information: descriptions, due dates, rubrics, etc.
  3. General class information: syllabus, materials, schedule, etc.
  4. You will turn assignments in through Google Classroom. 
  5. Prior Meet recordings will be posted here as well.

Google Meet

We will use Google Meet for our “live” class sessions. These will happen during the school’s scheduled class times. Check Google Classroom for the Meet codes. See the Digital Classroom Expectations and Class Schedule for more information. 


PowerSchool is where your official grades and attendance will be kept. I will not put grades in Google Classroom. If your grade or attendance in PowerSchool does not match what you think it should, please let me know. 

Google Doc or Canvas Grade Book

A few weeks into class, I will set up a “grade book” for students to keep track of their own grades and assignments. I will individually share a Google Doc or Canvas Assignment with each student. This document will have links to the major assignments, scores for the assignments and due dates. It will also be used for discussing your projects. I will post comments and you can post comments in it. This document, though, will not keep your official grade. PowerSchool does that. We will use it, though, to keep track of and discuss your grade.  

Mr. Didier's Web Site

My web site ( is actually where most of the details for class will be found. Google Classroom is really just a links site to my web page. (This page is actually in my web page, not Google Classroom.) You can also use my web site to find information about class. I find the web site easier to navigate and find information than Google Classroom. My web site is open to the public, does not require a school account to access, and is viewable from any Internet connected device.


When all the above tools fail, don’t work, or are not appropriate, I will email you. Check your email daily. For example, at the beginning of the year I the only way I had to reach you was through email. I will generally avoid emailing you because email quickly becomes cluttered and hard to find things, but Google Classroom will automatically send you some emails.