Allan Didier

Digital Classroom Expectations

This IS school. Your attendance and participation is expected and required.

This situation is new and difficult for all of us. I will try to be patient and understanding with you, so please return the favor. 


  1. Do onto others as you want them to do onto you.
  2. If you want to be treated like an adult, act like an adult.
  3. My job is to teach, your job is to learn. Whatever gets in the way of us doing our jobs I have a problem with. 

Class Procedures

  • Log into Google Classroom or Canvas first. It will be used for the latest information about class. I will use it to post Google Meet codes, assignments, due dates, and to turn in work.
  • We will have a Google Meet for every day that class is scheduled (unless stated beforehand). 


  • Attendance will be taken every class period (Google Meet), at the beginning of class, and throughout the class time. I have an extension that is marking when you join and when you leave. You are considered present if you participate the Meet when your participation is required. If you don’t participate or respond during the Meet, you will considered not present and marked absent. 
  • The attendance codes are the same as when we are in the school building:
    • A=absent: not in the virtual meeting for any of class time OR less than half of the class
    • T-tardy: less than 10 minutes late. If this is due to technology issues, you will need to email me as soon as you can.
    • L-late: more than 10 minutes late. If this is due to technology issues, you will need to email me as soon as you can.

Google Meet Procedures

  • Class meetings will normally be recorded. Links to the prior meetings will be posted in Google Classroom for you to access if you missed a class. Warning: what you say, do, and post in the chat are being recorded.
  • When you join the classroom, please go to the chat and type a greeting in the chat, especially if you are late. My attendance app is causing issues with Meet and may not work properly. Meet does not record attendance, but the Chat is an easy place for me to see if you are present, especially even after you log off. I take attendance right away and if your are late, I may not mark you as coming. It’s like signing in without a sign-up sheet.
  • Please keep your microphone off unless you have a questions or need to talk. Background noise, echos, and feedback are very distracting during a meeting.
  • Please keep your video feed appropriate for class. 
  • If you are struggling with your audio or video feed, we can discuss the issue and see if we can resolve it for you.
  • If you have an immediate question, you can unmute and interrupt me at any time. I may not see the video feed of you raising your hand and I can be bad about checking the Chat. So, it is fine to interrupt me. 
  • Chat window.
    • The chat should be used for on-task, class discussion. 
    • When I’m teaching, especially if I am in Present Mode, I rarely check the Chat. If you post a question or comment in it, I may not see it for a few minutes. You are welcome to unmute your microphone and interrupt me. 
    • If you have a question that another student may be able to answer, please use the chat. 
    • If you can answer a question that another student has in the chat, please answer it. 
  • Most of the Google Meets will run in this format:
    • First 10-30 minutes I will cover new material
    • Last 20+ minutes will be time to work on assignments, Q&A, and small group discussions.


  • I will ask questions of individual students throughout class. I do this for the following reasons.
    • To determine if you are still present and paying attention
    • To gauge your understanding of the topics being covered.
  • If you don’t know the answer, it is perfectly acceptable to say “I don’t know” or “Pass” if you don’t want to answer. 
  • If you are really uncomfortable speaking in front of class, let me know and I will try not to call on you.


  • If you are struggling with anything: technology, Internet, availability of supplies, etc., it is your responsibility to advocate for yourself and ask for help.
  • Please ask for help before something that seems small turns into a bigger problem.


  • You will receive a participation grade for attending online classes.
  • If you miss an online class meeting and want to make up the points, meet me during Academic Time to get caught up on what you missed.
  • Your grade in this class is really based on your demonstration of your understanding of the content of this course. You will get small grades for participating in the Meets, but the main part of your grade will be based on your projects, tests and the other work in class. We will all have tech snags, hiccups, and issues.