Allan Didier

PowerPoint, Slides, Prezi

PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi and others I lump together. They are used for presentations. We have all seen enough of them, so I hope not to explain them. They are more exciting the Google Docs, but really serve the same purpose. They are kind of “old school” programs and not as slick as newer technologies. They are still quite powerful and so simple that they should not be overlooked. They are another great tool in your arsenal.

  1. PowerPoint is the oldest and most powerful, but it requires the software to be installed. It is part of Microsoft Office 365 and is free for students and educators, but LAPS doesn’t subscribe to it.
  2. Google Slides is free and part of the Google Suite. It runs on every Chromebook so students can use it. 
  3. Prezi is an online variation that makes more exciting slide shows.


Easy to use for teacher and students. It takes very little time for students to learn it. My 3rd grade daughter learned it in 10 minutes. It does take more time to put stuff into a Presentation than into a Word documents, but they are fancier and more interesting to view.

Access for Students and Parents

Like Google Docs, it is easy to to access for students and parents. Google Slides runs though any web browser. It does, though, require the right software. It is not as universal as Google Docs or web pages.

Updating and Modifying

They are easy to to update and modify. They can also be exported as web pages, flat images, and videos which makes them usable in other situations. 


PowerPoint has been around for years and the others will be around for a long time.


PowerPoint is part of the Office Suite. Slides is free, though the school owns your account. Prezi is free for limited use. 

My Usage

Even though they are a great tool, I don’t use them for my work very often. If I am going to spend the time making a presentation, I make it a web page instead. If you are looking for something a little fancier than a Google Docs but still very simple, use Slides. My students, though, use them all the time for projects and presentations as they are a good alternative to writing a paper. Here is my daughter’s presentation about making cinnamon rolls.