Allan Didier

Arduino Intermediate Projects

Project Descriptions

The Intermediate Arduino Projects are for students with prior knowledge and experience using Arduinos. Students will use more advanced Arduino kits and design their own projects. Projects can include:

  • Intermediate Kits. Use one of the Elegoo kits to create your own projects.
  • Ardunio driving car (see picture). Use the Arduino driving car kit to program and a car to move and navigate in the world around it. This kit is similar to the car build in Robotics class with the Lego kits, but it has more options and a whole lot more power.
  • Internet of Things. Create a Smart Device that can monitor things from your home and notify you on your phone. Watch weather conditions, motion detection, control heating and cooling systems, or monitor the environment for your plants.  Arduino Opla IOT Kit site. 
  • Weather station. Use the weather station Arduino kit to create a wifi weather station to monitor temperature, humidity, and more.
  • Design your own project. Mr. Didier has a few more kits with a variety of sensors and motors for you to design your own projects. Check out these sites for some ideas on what you can build using an Arduino.