Allan Didier

House Drawing


Write a Java program that will draw a picture of a house.


  • Java graphics

Program Details

PP 2.19 page 110

Read 2.7-2.9, pp 92-103 in Java book for graphics code explanation.

Write an application that draws a house. The house needs the following things

  • a door
  • a doorknob
  • windows
  • a chimney
  • smoke coming out of the chimney
  • clouds in the sky.

For an “A”, you must set reference point variables and draw your objects from those reference points. You must also comment your code so that you know what all your draw commands are doing.

•    (0,0) is in the top left corner of the window.
•    The example on page 102-103 uses the reference points MID and TOP to draw their snowman.


No tutorial videos for this, yet.