Allan Didier

APCS Other Programs

After completing the required assignments for the AP curriculum, you have a number of other programming projects you can work on. 

  1. AP Exam Free Response Question Practice: If you want to do well on the AP Exam, you need to practice. Some of these will be required, but you can do extra for extra practice. 
  2. Advanced Programming: Go beyond the AP curriculum to continue learning more advanced programming techniques. 
  3. Java Graphics: One of Java’s strengths is graphics, but we did not touch it in this class. 
  4. Game Design: You can now code much more complex games than Rock, Paper, Scissors. 
  5. Group Projects: Join forces with your classmates to create more complex programs that go faster when you divide and conquer. 
  6. App creation. Android phones are programmed in Java. Turn your code into an app that will run on your phone. 
  7. Arduino: Apply your programming skills to controlling physical things. Arduinos are small programmable boards that control simple electronics and are the backbone of the Internet of Things. Technically, they are not Java (they are C++), but they will count as they are heavy programming. 
  8. Lego Robotics. Robotics are a great way to explore programming applied to physical things. Build a Lego robot and program some complex behavior into it. Logo programming is not Java, but will count as it is still programming.