Allan Didier

DJ Info



  1. Loading songs
    1. analyzing bpm
  2. Beatmatching
    1. by waveform
    2. by ear
    3. Practice
      1. same song loop, same bpm
      2. different songs loops, different bpm, same loop length
      3. different songs, different bpm, full song
  3. Transitions
    1. same bpm
      1. by Mixer Slider
      2. by Fader Sliders
      3. by EQ:
    2. different bpm
      1. by fader: use faders to quickly transition between songs.
      2. by effect: use an effect to mask the different bpms while transitioning
  4. Cue Points
    1. Setting
    2. Loading while playing
  5. Loops
    1. Creating
    2. Loading while playing
  6. Effects
  7. Scratching
    1. Baby Scratch
    2. Forward Scratch
    3. Stab Scratch

Streaming Services

They are all cost money and the free versions don’t seem to work with DJ software. Some you need the “advanced” or “intermediate” level to integrate with DJ software. You often need the highest level for offline playing (~$30+/month).  Regular steaming services (iMusic, Spotify, Google) don’t work with DJ software.

Other Info