Allan Didier

Intro CS Word Processing Projects

The following assignments can assist you to learn word processing. The easier ones are listed first, with the more difficult ones listed last. You can use Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or other word processing software to do them.
  1. Graphics. Practice adding graphics and images to a word processing document. Jabberwocky Poem. 
  2. Columns. Create columns like a a newspaper and make the text flow between the columns. Zoo Newsletter.
  3.  Lists. Don’t number things yourself. Let the word processor number or bullet things for you. Lists Assignment.
  4. Tables. Tables are a great way to organize information. Word processors can create complex and customizable tables.
    1. Simple table: Basketball Schedule.
    2. Advanced table. Merge cells, rotate text, change background colors and borders. Google docs should be able to do most of this.
      1. Advanced Table Final Document. 
      2. Advanced Table Directions
  5. Newsletter. Combine skills together to create a newsletter.
    1. Newsletter Final Document
    2. Newsletter Directions
  6. Styles: Use styles to make modifying fonts, sizes, and other text settings across a document easier.
    1. Restaurant Menu Final Document.
    2. Restaurant Menu Directions
    3. Restaurant Menu text only