Allan Didier

Movie Poster

Assignment Details

Design a movie poster! Look through the example movie posters below and create your own poster. Many action movies use a pyramid / triangle approach to the layout of characters.

  • Place your main character in the middle of the poster and then place the supporting characters down and to the left and right of the main character to create a pyramid shape.
  • Add outer glows, drop shadows, and lighting effects to enhance the individual phots.
  • Use color layers to set the mood of the poster. Twilight has a blue hue for mysterious moonlight, Lord of the rings has a yellow hue for tension and action, Star Wars has a split red/blue hue for the dark/light side.  
  • Create your own poster for a real movie, make up a movie, or do a poster for a sports team.
  • Use photos from the web or your own photos of you and your friends. 


Project 1, Getting Started: 2 weeks

  1. Find all of your photos and images.
  2. Cut the people/objects out of the photos and bring them all together into one document.
  3. Move them around and roughly arrange them to form a pyramid layout.
  4. Make sure all of the photos will go together. Watch for lighting, poses, etc to make sure they will work together.

Project 2, Finish the Poster: 2 weeks

  1. Finalize the arrangement and layout of the characters. 
  2. Add any effects (drop shadows, out glows, color layers, etc.) to individual objects or to the poster as a whole.
  3. Add a text title for the movie. You can also add sub text such as character names and dates. Put effects like drop shadows and outer glows on the title to make them stand out. 

Example Movie Posters