Allan Didier

Tear Apart and Rebuild


Students will demonstrate their ability to disassemble and reassemble a computer while identifying the name and purpose of each part.

Project Description

Before beginning the assignments, remember the saftety rules for this class.

  1. Turn the computer off before sticking your hands inside it and touching any of the parts. 
  2. Get rid of static electricity. Use and anti-static strap or touch metal (chair, table, computer case) to remove static from your body. The inside parts of the computer are very sensitive to static electricity and can be ruined by it. You can also get a good shock from it as well. 

This project has four parts to it. 

  1. Turn on the computer. Connect the keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc, and turn the computer on. If you don’t see anything on the screen (Windows or the Bios), we will need another computer. Note, how far does your computer boot? Does it go into Windows or only to the Bios screen? 
  2. Disassemble the computer. Take all the parts of the computer out and spread them out on the table. Identify each part and what its purpose is. 
  3. Reconnect computer without the case. Reconnect all of the parts of the computer outside of the case. This will be a complete mess on your table, but so be it. When ready, give the computer power and turn it back on. It should return to the its prior boot state. The computer is extremely sensitive to static in this situation, so do not touch anything while the computer is on. Also, make sure to get rid of static again before the next step.
  4. Rebuild the computer. Put all of the parts back in the computer and turn it back on. It should return to its prior boot state.