Allan Didier

Maintenance Level 2

Computer Maintenance 1 focused on learning computer hardware, assembling a computer, troubleshooting, and installing software (OS, drivers, and applications). Students taking Computer Maintenance 2 will focus on the following topics.

Required Topics

  1. Motherboard Cables and Connectors
    1. Learn about all the parts of the motherboard and the variety of motherboard connections.
    2. See Google Classroom for the required document.
  2. Drivers
    1. Find drivers on the Internet for a computer.
  3. Networking
    1. Creating a simple Ethernet network with a few devices
    2. IP addressing
    3. Network commands
      1. IP config
      2. ping
  4. Imaging
    1. Hard Drive configurations (GUID vs MBR)
    2. Partitioning and Formatting
      1. Managing Hard Drive Partitioning with Disk Management
      2. What Is a File System, and Why Are There So Many of Them?
    3. Imaging Page
    4. Other backup software and processes
      1. How to use Microsoft’s “Window’s File Recovery” tool

Optional Assignments

  1. Networking
    1. Setting up and joining a Wifi network
    2. Joining an Ethernet and Wifi network
    3.  Networking protocols
      1. DHCP
      2. DNS
    4. Simple routing between networks.
    5. Servers
  2. Install other operating systems.
    1. Install Linux
    2. Install MacOS
    3. Install OS on Raspberry Pi
    4. Dual boot linux and windows
    5. Newer or older version of Windows
  3. Boot Disks
    1. Create a boot disk (jump or CD) for Windows. Tutorial.
    2. Create a boot disk for Linux or Raspberry Pi.
  4. Peripherals
    1. Printers
    2. Graphics tablets
    3. Other devices (Cricut)
  5. A+ Certification Prep
    1. Study for the A+ exam using the class textbook, an A+ Certification book, or online video from Mr. Didier.
    2. Work your way through the exam chapter by chapter.
  6. Independent Projects