Allan Didier

Maintenance OS Install LP

This lesson has 5 different variations to it. 

  1. Take 1: follow teacher demonstration without taking notes
  2. Take 2: follow teacher demonstration and take detailed notes
  3. Take 3: install OS using only notes
  4. Take 4: install OS on different hardware
  5. Take 5: Partition the hard drive for imaging before installing OS

Students will install and Operating System on an old computer.

Standards and Benchmarks

partitioning, formatting, Fat32 vs NTFS, security, drivers, win2000 install, service packs, software install, start menu, printer install,

ISTE 1c,d; 5c 7c

CSTA: 3A-CS-01, 02, 03,3A-IC-28, 3B-CS-01


Windows Install

Materials and Resources

old computers, Windows Install disks, driver software, Windows Install Notes

In-Class Activities

Teacher led demonstration of the installation of Windows.