Allan Didier

APCS Materials


  1. Java Software and Solutions
  2. AP Test Prep


You will need some way to take notes in this class. This can be a regular paper and pencil notebook. It can be Google Docs. Many students, though, find taking notes directly in the Java software (see below) as the best location since your notes will be accessible from your projects. 


In order to do the projects in class, you need a Java programming editor and compiler. You may need a parent to get this software installed. The most common ones are called Integrated Development Environments (IDE), which a fancy way of saying software which helps write and run code. Most of these require a computer with Mac, Windows, on Unix operating system. Your Chromebooks won’t run and IDE. It does not matter which IDE software you choose. Java code is Java code regardless of the program that writes it. Some of the most common, free IDEs include: 

For many of the IDEs, you also need to install something called the Java Development Kit (called Java SE Development Kit). This is different from the standard Java software that is installed on most devices. This software allows you to compile Java code. 

A programming website that may work for you from home is It works on the Chromebook but has been blocked at school. It may work from home, though.


Besides in-class lessons, there are a number of online tutorials and classes available for this curriculum. Below is a list of some tutorials.