Allan Didier

CS Other Code Projects

When you get tired of following programming tutorials, break away from them to try some of these projects. These projects can be done with any scripting language. The projects get more difficult further down the list. You can use this site to write your code: Online IDEs for various languages.

Other Code Projects

  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors game.
    1. Ask the user to enter their choice.
    2. Have the computer randomly choose one.
    3. Calculate who won.
    4. Output both choices and the result.
    5. Requires knowledge of variables and boolean (if) statements.
  2. Chat bot.
    1. Get the computer to hold a conversation with the user. 
    2. Have the computer ask the user a number of questions.
    3. Have the computer respond in various ways to the user responses.
  3. Mad Libs game
    1. Ask the user to enter a variety of nouns, verbs, adverbs, etc.
    2. Have a paragraph story pre-written that you then add the user’s choices into. 
    3. Requires knowledge of variables and boolean (if) statements.
  4. Area Calculator
    1. Ask the user to enter a shape.
    2. Calculate the area and circumference of the shape.
    3. Use functions to calculate the information for each shape.
    4. To make it harder, make the shapes 3D and calculate the volume.
    5. Requires knowledge of variables, boolean statements, and methods/functions.
  5. Simple Battleship game
    1. Create a 5 x 5 board.
    2. Place a ship of size one at a board coordinate. 
    3. Give the user 10 tries to guess the location of the ship.
    4. Requires knowledge of arrays and loops.
  6. Advanced Battleship game.
    1. Make the ships variable sized.
    2. Make multiple ships.
    3. Add AI, get the computer to play (this is tough).
  7. Text-Based Adventure Game
    1. Make a simple text-based adventure game where the user types what they want to do.
    2. Start with an adventure that has at least 20 different options for the user to explore.
    3. Add extra features like combat, health, inventory, maps, saving, and other options.
  8. Tic-Tac-Toe
    1. Create a two player, text-based Tic-Tac-Toe game.
    2. Use a 3 x 3 array to keep track of player choices. 
    3. Display the choices with just text ( X, O, and – ). 
    4. Determine win, loss and ties. This is the hard part.
    5. For a real challenge, create AI. Get the computer to play.
  9. Practice with Classes
    1. Create your own Player or Enemy Class code that you might use for a game.
      1. Create a class that has various attributes (name, health, type, etc.)
      2. Have a main program create various Players or Enemies with different attributes.
    2. Create a Bank Account program.
      1. Create a Bank Account class with
        1. variables like name, id, amount, etc.
        2. setter, getter, constructor, deposit, and withdraw methods.
      2. Create a main program that can create and modify bank accounts.