Jemez Valley Lady Warriors 



This year our Lady Warriors Volleyball team has been one of the most competitive in the last few years! Even though we have a new and wonderful  coach this year Ona Trujillo, we are expecting a lot from this year's team! We have all our varsity plays back this year from last year except one, so our team is playing very good with each other. Our team consists of 1 freshmen, 4 sophomores, 1 junior, and 6 seniors. Most of the varsity players have been playing since 8th or 9th grade, so our team is pretty experienced. Our sophomores and freshmen on our varsity team also help our junior varsity . Our J.V. is excepted to do really well also. So come help them meet their goals and come support the lady warriors volleyball team!


Lolly and Heather Posing for the camera!

Nice SPIKE Drea!

What are you guys doing?

Special Thank You to Rosanna Garcia and Mr.Didier for all the great pictures!

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