Computer Maintenance
Allan Didier

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5/27-5/31 no school     Final Exam  
5/20-5/24 Review   Review   Final Exam
5/13-5/17   Independent Project #5   Review  
5/6-5/10 Independent Project #4   Independent Project #4   Independent Project #5
4/29-5/3   Independent Project #3   Independent Project #4  
4/22-4/26 Independent Project #3 Testing Testing   Independent Project #3
4/15-4/19 Independent Project #2   Independent Project #2   snow day
4/8-4/12   Independent Project #1   Independent Project #1  
4/1-4/5 Motherboard & Bios   Motherboard & Bios   Motherboard & Bios
3/25-3/29 Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break
3/18-3/22   Imaging   Imaging  
3/11-3/15 Imaging   Imaging   Imaging
3/4-3/8   Imaging   Imaging  
2/25-3/1 Partitioning and Formatting   History of the Computer Movie   Partitioning and Formatting
2/18-2/22 no school snow day   Partitioning and Formatting  
2/11-2/15   Troubleshooting: Windows Slow   Partitioning and Formatting no school
2/4-2/8 registration registration   Troubleshooting: Hardware test & Windows Not Load  
1/28-2/1 Troubleshooting: Sound   Troubleshooting: Network  

Troubleshooting: Hardware Test & Windows Not Load

1/21-1/25 MLK Day Troubleshooting: HD & CD   Troubleshooting: Keyboard & Mouse  
1/14-1/18   Troubleshooting: Video Card & Monitor   Troubleshooting: Flow Charts  
1/7-1/11     Troubleshooting: Power & Motherboard   Troubleshooting: CPU & RAM
12/17-12/21 Review Finals Finals Finals Finals
12/10-12/14 Motherboard and Cables   Motherboard and Cables Final Exam  

Motherboard and Cables

Windows Install IV, Win 7: Drivers and Software


Motherboard and Cables

Windows Install IV, Win 7: Networking Notes


Motherboard and Cables

Windows Install IV, Win 7: Hardware


Motherboard and Cables

Windows Install IV, Win 7: Install


Motherboard and Cables

Windows Install IV, Win 7: Networking

11/19-11/23 Motherboard and Cables   no school no school no school
11/12-11/16 no school

Binary: Review

Networking: DHCP & DNS


Binary: Test

Networking: other


Binary: File Sizes

Networking: Intro


Binary: Software and Hardware Sizes

Networking: Setup

11/29-11/2 Binary: Hex   Binary: Bits and Bytes  

Binary: Byte Conversions

Windows Install: Printers


Binary: Intro


Binary: How it works.

10/15-10/19 Windows Install III: Hardware Config  

Windows Install III: Install & Hardware check


Windows Install III: Drivers and software

10/8-10/12 no school   PSAT testing Files and File Management  

Computer Hardware: Review

Windows Intro: Tour of Windows


Computer Hardware: Test

Windows Intro: Tour of Windows Test

  Files and File Management

Computer Hardware: Network Card & Hub

Windows Install II: Drivers and Software


Computer Hardware: Keyboard, mouse, etc.

Windows Intro: Tour of Windows


Computer Hardware:Cables, CD/DVD

Windows Install II: SATA and BIOS prep


Windows Install II: Install


Computer Hardware: Video & Sound Cards

Windows Install II: Hardware Check and Drivers


Computer Hardware: RAM and Hard Drive

Windows Install I: drivers and software


Computer Hardware: Battery,

Windows Install I: start menu and finish

9/3-9/7 Labor Day

Computer Hardware: Motherboard

Windows Install I: Install


Computer Hardware: CPU

Windows Install I: hardware check


Computer Hardware: Power

Windows Install I: SATA and BIOS prep

  Chromebook Setup   Chromebook Setup
8/20-8/24   Take apart and Rebuild part I  

Take apart and Rebuild part II


Class Intro

Take apart and Rebuild part I