Overlapping Objects

with layer masks

Take the rings 

and make them overlap.

JVarrows.gif (12546 bytes)

Make text and objects weave together.


Overlapping Rings

  1. Open file rings.psd, High school\Shared \Graphics \Lessons \LayerMasks \rings.psd. You can also just create the file by creating circles of a single color in their own individual layers. This file has 5 layers for the 5 color rings. One ring per layer. Note: you cannot do this assignment with the jpg file on this web page. You need the rings in separate layers and a jpg does not have layers.
  2. What ring is on top? What ring is on the bottom?
  3. What if I wanted the rings inter-locking?
  4. Layer masks can do it
    1. Make sure you see your layers palette.
    2. Go to the black layer, or the top layer.
    3. Layer--Add layer mask--reveal all.
    4. Notice how the layer palette changes
      1. The left box is the layer image
      2. The right box is the mask which is linked to the layer.
      3. Also notice where the active box lies. If I click on the mask area, I will work in the mask. To get back to working on the layer, click back on the layer image.
    5. Choose a black brush (Black hides, white shows, just like in a regular mask).
    6. Hide one part of the black over the green ring. Work so that it looks right, not too much hiding.
    7. Hide one loop of the black for the other color rings. The black ring should be then linked with the others.
    8. Put a layer mask on the blue layer.
    9. Hide the parts of the blue layer to get the blue ring to link with the other rings.
    10. Continue with the rest of the rings.
    11. Do you need a layer mask on the Red (bottom) layer?

Other things to do with overlapping objects

For this image, I just created a layer with the text and a layer with the arrows. (I created the arrows myself in about 2 minutes. Hint: think Bevel and Emboss.) Using the techniques outlined above, I then used layer masks to hide parts of the text layer to make the arrows weave in and out of the text.


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