Analyzing Moods

For a photographer or graphic artist, one of the most important aspect of a picture is the mood. The mood of a photograph is the feeling or emotion that is evoked by looking at a photograph.

Look through the following photographs and analyze the mood of each one. Answer the following questions to help determine the mood of the photographs.

  1. What are your feelings as you look at each of these photographs? 
  2. What aspects of a photograph create the mood?
  3. Does your personal background affect the mood?
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cross.jpg (14933 bytes) fog.jpg (13985 bytes) armed.jpg (38575 bytes)
high rise.jpg (14632 bytes) snow.jpg (20902 bytes) girl.jpg (12848 bytes)



Another very important aspect of the mood of a photograph is the caption which goes with the photograph. Look through the following caption web pages to see how the caption affects the mood.


Assignment Examples of Mood Changes


by Larnell Sando

by Jerrod VanLandingham

by Gloria Kaasch



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