Logo Design

Good logos are not designed by luck. Much thought and consideration is put into each line, letter and choice of color. Look through the logos below for the following ideas.

  1. Good logos have good pictures. The picture should:
    1. Be unique, creative and grab your attention.
    2. Include the nature of the organization within the picture. For example: basketball teams have a basketball in the logo.
  2. The text in good logos will grab your attention as well.
    1. All text should be readable.
    2. The text should also grab your attention with some of the following techniques:
      1. Reshape the letters.
      2. Choose contrasting fonts.
      3. Choose contrasting sizes.
      4. Choose contrasting colors.
      5. Align and position the words in unique ways.
      6. Put the text on a curve.
      7. Use shadows and shading.
      8. Use borders around the text.


These are good examples of contrasting text in logos


  • Contrasting size: big Beatles, little The
  • Bigger first and middle letters: B and T
  • All caps
  • Good alignment: The fitting over only the AT

3 doors down

  • Contrasting size: big 3, medium Doors Down, smaller Time of My Life).
  • Contrasting fonts: Thick letters vs. thin letters
  • All caps to fix words into a box.
  • Good alignment: Door Down fitting top to bottom in the 3. Time of My Life stretching from left to right.


  • Contrasting size.
  • Bigger first letters.
  • Outer glow on the text.
  • Good alignment: Jimi fitting between the J and d.

  • Contrasting size: huge Sting, small Charlotte
  • All caps
  • White stroke on the letters, blue outer glow, and a drop shadow
  • Bigger first and last letters in Sting.
  • Good alignment: Charlotte fitting between
    the S and G.


  • Contrasting size: huge Sol, tiny Miami.
  • Bigger first and last letters
  • Black stroke on the letters.
  • Good alignment: Miami squeezed and arched over the O.

  • Contrasting size
  • White outer glows
  • Good alignment: Pittsburgh fits over the P to i.


These are good examples of integrating the symbol of the sport into the logo design. What sport does each of these teams play?



Here are some good exampes of use of reshaped text in a logo.


Note how the oCc are reshaped into a motorcyle.


The whole word has been made into a guitar. Note the hearts as the tuning pegs.


The R is a guitar.

linkin park

The middle N, the A, and R are all reshaped.


Great reshaped M and A to fit the mood of the band.


The blood dripping out of the V and E is a good effect. Note the extra large V and E and the smaller Bullet For My fitting into the space created by the V and E.

Besides the Y and A being reshaped, also notice how the E in The has been reshaped to fit with the B.



New Jersey Devils



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