Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) is one of the most famous American painters and one of the leading painters in the Abstract Expressionist movement. Rather than painting concrete things like trees, people and mountains, they painted ideas like war, seasons, emotions and other abstract ideas. Pollock was also unique in his style of painting. Instead of painting in the traditional style with a canvas on an easel and sitting at a chair, he painted with the canvas on the floor. He would walk around the canvas while pouring and dripping paint out of a bucket onto the canvas. His style of painting became known as "Action" painting.

Many people who see his paintings look at them and say, "That is not art. Anyone can just throw paint on a canvas like that." Having just done your paintings with just line and color to express emotions, can you begin to understand what Jackson Pollock was trying to paint?

Autumn Rhythym


Eyes in the Sun


Lavender Mist


Number 8


Full Fathom Five





Images taken from the Artchive and the WebMuseum


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