Colorizing Images

Goal: Colorize a black and white image. 


  1. Choose one of the following images to colorize.
  2. Select the various areas of the images. In new layers, add color to those areas. Do not modify the original image. Try to colorize at least 30 different areas.
  3. Modify the modes of the layers to color the image correctly. The textures and shadows from the original should still be visible.
  4. Use gradients and other multi-color effects to give the coloring more pizzazz.

M. C. Escher
All M.C. Escher works (c) 2001 Cordon Art - Baarn - Holland. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Pictures taken from and

cycle.jpg (339006 bytes)


THREE_WORLDS.jpg (327190 bytes)

Three Worlds

House of Stairs

Hand with Reflecting Sphere



escher_waterfall.jpg (151536 bytes)



reptiles.jpg (249334 bytes)


stars.jpg (229928 bytes)


Ascending and Descending


Order and Chaos


Georgia O'Keefe
Images taken from

redcanna.jpg (20036 bytes)

Red Canna

Jack-in-the-Pulpit_No_IIjpg.jpg (48690 bytes)

Jack in the Pulpit II

okefskul.jpg (34328 bytes)

Cow's Skull with Calico Roses

Rams_Head_White_Hollyhock.jpg (45321 bytes)

Rams Head-White Hollyhock-Little Hills

From_The_Faraway_Nearby.jpg (80084 bytes)

From the Faraway Nearby

Elkhorns.jpg (49752 bytes)

Summer Days

The_Mountain_New_Mexico.jpg (90135 bytes)

The Mountains of New Mexico

Datura_and_Pedernal.jpg (71812 bytes)

Datura and Pederna


Salvador Dali
Pictures taken from

maximum_speed_of_raphaels_m.jpg (84397 bytes)

Maximum Speed of Raphael's Madonna

spanish_dances.jpg (166797 bytes)

Spanish Dances

face_of_war.jpg (110567 bytes)

Face of War

surrealistic_composition_with_invisible_figures.jpg (123974 bytes)

Surrealistic Composition with Invisible Figures

bacchanale.jpg (53051 bytes)


persistence_of_memory.jpg (33873 bytes)

Persistence of Memory

Disintegration_of_persisten.jpg (62634 bytes)

Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory

Car Clothing



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