Georges Seurat

Take a look though the following paintings and then we will answer the questions at the bottom of this page.

jatte.jpg (93703 bytes)

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte


cirque.jpg (352572 bytes)



chahut.jpg (108807 bytes)



powder.jpg (97392 bytes)

Young Woman Powdering Herself



dnstream.jpg (268808 bytes)

View of Le Crotoy



parade.jpg (188247 bytes)

The Parade/Side Show



  1. What style of art is Seurat most similar to: Realist/Romantic, Impressionist, Cubist or Mimbres?

  2. What aspects of his paintings give you clues about his style?

  3. Seurat's style is very unique for one important reason. Can you tell what it is? What do you think this style of painting is called?

Complementary Color Mixing: Seurat did a lot of mixing of his colors, especially complementary colors. Check out this page for more information. If you have a headache already, you may not want to view these pages. 

Paintings taken from the Artchive.

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