The Radical Painters

   A little over 100 years ago, around 1874, a group of radical painters gathered to shatter the world of art in Europe. Their art outraged the establishment, critics and other painters of the time. Infuriated critics exclaimed "Wallpaper in its embryonic state is more finished." These new paintings were strange, vulgar and immoral, causing comments such as, "Try to explain to Monsieur Renoir (one of the radical painters) that a woman’s torso is not a mass of decomposing flesh with those purplish-green stains.” Of course these new artists were rejected by the public, critics and the art schools. These rejected artists banded together and began to shake the foundations of European art. They called themselves the "Independents," but the critics branded them the "Impressionists."

    Why did people get so worked up over their art? What was the institution that the "Impressionists" were rebelling against? What was so rebellious about their art?

Let's begin by looking at some of the art of the time...Realism and Romanticism.

Intro/Realism and Romanticism/Impressionism/Questions



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