Action Photography

Tips for taking good action photography.



1. Capture the moment of action.

It takes a lot a practice and many, many photos to capture the best moment of action. At a game or event I may take over 200 photos and end up with only five photos like the one above.



by Rosanna Garcia


by Keith Panana


by Rosanna Garcia


Your timing needs to be perfect for the best action shot.


Too early.



Too late.


caught the moment

Just right!



Make sure you get action, not just a photo at a game.

no action

This photo may have been taken at a game, but there is no action in the photo.

still action

This is an action shot, but there is not much action. They could almost be posing.


good action

Much better action. She could not pose for this photo.



2. Get Closer.

Move in or zoom in, but don't get too close. You don't want to become part of the action.


Too far away. You cannot see anyone's face.




Better. You can actually see his face.



Even better.


in close

Get in close without being run over.



3 Faces.

Action shots are better when you can see the people's faces. Back-of-the-head shots are arms-in-the-way are too common in action shots.

arm in the way

The all too common arm-in-the-way.


back of the head

The action is good, but I cannot see who this is.


by Garret Madalena

Much better with the faces visible.



4. Interesting Angles

As with all photogrpahy, don't always take your photos from a standing position at the side of the action. Find an interesting angle to shoot from.


Shoot while looking down something.


by Garret Madalena

Different perspectives are always interesting.
Just make sure not to get hit by the action.