Computer Colleges, Scholarships, and Opportunities

New Mexico

  1. University of New Mexico (Albuquerque)
    1. Computer Engineering. Computer engineers develop software, hardware, and integrated computing systems.
    2. Computer Science. Computer scientists deal with computational systems large and small, cyber-security, data mining, bioinformatics, visual computing, artificial intelligence and more.
    3. Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media Department. This program is designed to offer students a degree that can be customized to meet a variety of interests and needs. Whether interested in gaming, engineering, film, video, animation, music, computer science, art, design, photography, writing, communication, journalism, multimedia or business, the IFDM program curriculum is structured to serve your needs.
  2. Institute of American Indian Arts (Santa Fe, NM): A four year fine arts college offering degrees in Creative Writing, Studio Arts, New Media Arts, and Museum Studies
    1. New Media Arts. New media has ushered in a revolution and evolution in the growing field of commercial arts. Its techniques, tools and technologies have broadened the landscape of expression and opened exciting opportunities for rewarding careers and modes of expression. The IAIA New Media Arts Program offers a comprehensive program of study preparing students to succeed in all aspects of digital and print media. Our students become strong candidates for jobs in growing industries, ranging from commercial graphic design to contemporary film-making, using the latest techniques from digital video to multimedia fine arts.
  3. CNM (Albuquerque)
    1. Computer Information Systems encompasses a broad field of computer-based area of studies. Information technology offers some of the highest paying and most challenging jobs in today’s market. Our students gain a solid foundation in current technology as well as general education courses.
    2. Film Technician. Graduates from the Film Crew Technician Program will be prepared for entry-level crew positions in motion pictures, television and electronic media production. This is a 28-credit-hour program designed to be completed in two terms.
    3. Architectural Drafting. The Architectural/Engineering Drafting Technology Program prepares students to work in the construction industry as architectural/engineering drafting technicians, estimators for residential & commercial contractors and sales representatives.
    4. Geographic Information Technology. Students will study the aspects of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that relate to the skills required to work as technicians.
  4. ITT Technical Institute (Albuquerque, Tucson)
    1. Schools of Information and Electronics Technology. The advancement of computers and communication technology continues to have a profound impact on our lives, and the workplace needs technically competent people to provide appropriate computing solutions for users. The School of Information Technology at ITT Tech focuses on providing a broad-based foundation in information technology (IT) and on helping students develop skills and knowledge in technical areas with practical value in the workplace. In addition to technical knowledge, many IT workers need to be able to communicate, handle multiple tasks at once and assess user needs when developing computer-based solutions. Curricula in the School of Information Technology also teach problem solving, critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills. Most IT programs taught in residence offer practical applications of classroom theory in a lab environment, where students are encouraged to apply their classroom instruction.
    2. Drafting and Design. The products we use and the structures in which we live and work start out as designs - from an electronic circuit to a video game to a house. Designs are typically represented in draft form to demonstrate how to construct the product. Drafting and design used to be separate tasks. Today, computer-assisted drafting and design software has made the two processes more interrelated. Programs in the School of Drafting and Design focus on using technology tools.
  5. Santa Fe University of Art and Design
    1. Digital Arts Program. Can you see yourself as a professional animator, art director, special effects technician, digital publisher, or even your own boss in the digital arts?
    2. Graphic Design. At Santa Fe University of Art and Design, artistic forces and practical career training merge in a first-class Graphic Design program. You can explore and utilize techniques incorporating traditional print methodologies as well as cutting-edge Web design and interactive media channels. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design program trains you for work through existing creative channels and prepares you to revolutionize discursive concepts in your chosen profession.
    3. Photography. At Santa Fe University of Art and Design, aspiring professional photographers receive applied training and knowledge. With classes in theory, history, ethics, and analog and digital technologies, the program provides the foundation needed to become a well-rounded professional in the field of photography. No matter what line of work or artistic pursuit you choose, you can learn all the essential skills in our high-tech labs and facilities.
    4. Film School. Santa Fe University of Art and Design has reimagined everything that a film school can be. And infused it with purpose, relevance, and a little magic. The Film School at SFUAD aims to lead our graduates into sustainable and rewarding careers making films with passion and excellence.
  6. Highlands University (Las Vegas, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe)
    1. Department of Communications and Fine Arts. The Department of Communication and Fine Arts includes instructional programs in art and design studies, music, media arts, and theatre.



  1. Full Sail (Winter Park, Florida): If you're looking to launch a career in music, film, video games, design, or animation, you've come to the right place.
  2. SAE (Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York and World Wide Campuses): SAE is the world's largest network of audio, multimedia and digital film institutes in the world. It is now represented in more than seventeen countries on four continents.
  3. Dubspot (New York, Los Angeles, Online): Dubspot is the premier electronic music and DJ school in the world, with courses available in New York City, Los Angeles and online.
  4. University of Southern California (Los Angeles) School of Cinematics Arts: Throughout the 20th century and now in the 21st, the School of Cinematic Arts has nurtured and inspired the writers, directors, scholars, entrepreneurs, producers, animators, interactive designers and others who have developed an unparalleled mastery in cinema, television and new media.
  5. The Art Ins ti tu es (Arizona, Colorado, and various other locations). All sorts of art opportunities.