Allan Didier

IT Tech

The Information Technology Technician fields focus on a different side of computers than programming and engineering. Their focus is more making computers, networks, and computer systems work. Think the “Geek Squad”. These fields focus more on professional certifications rather than 4-year university degrees. Every business, large and small, that has computers and computer systems (which is almost every business nowadays) has a computer tech to assist them with the computer systems. These jobs are in every career and all over the world.  

The focus of these fields are more:

  • Computer maintenance and repair
  • Network administration
  • System administration
  • Operating systems
  • Computer security

Los Alamos High School classes related to IT Tech are

Local secondary schools and programs for IT Tech are

  1. CNM: Computer Information Systems
  2. Santa Fe Community College: Information Systems and Computer Science
  3. Northern New Mexico College: Engineering and Technology
  4. Luna Community College: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Professional Certifications in this area include