Allan Didier

Scratch Tutorials Tutorials

Scratch has a number of tutorials on some basic game design techniques. They range from using the arrow keys to control movement, creating animations, and more. Click here for a full list of Scratch tutorials. Tutorial topics include

  • Make a chase game
  • Make a pong game
  • Make it fly: Flappy Bird game
  • Create a story
  • Animate a character
  • Use the arrow keys
  • And much more…

Mr. Didier Tutorials

Below are some games that Mr. Didier made to demonstrate how to create code for various types of games and situations. These aren’t actual tutorials, just partial games to demonstrate how to code various techniques.
  • Beginner Platformer: Create a simple platformer with simple movement and gravity.
  • Advanced platformer: A demonstration of how to do acceleration and gravity in a platformer. The player also has shoes to determine if they are touching the ground so they don’t hang on platforms.
  • Endless runner platform: See the code on how to make an endless running platform.
  • Sticky Platforms:¬†How to make a character stick to a moving platform. This tutorial has very simple character movement and may be trickier to add if you have complex movement.
  • Maze runner with moving maze. Create a maze runner where the character doesn’t move, the maze does.
  • Animation: Turn a sprite sheet into animations.
  • Simple Cloning: How to clone an object.
  • Cloning Bullets: How to make a sprite shoot bullets or projectiles.