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Intro CS Business Application Projects

Word Processing

Word Processing Projects

Word processing is the most widely used business software and is used for creating all sorts of documents from English papers, newsletters, schedules, menus, and more. Learn more about Google Dos, Microsoft Word, or other word processing programs.  Check out the Word Processing Projects for more information about these projects. These projects can be used to prepare for the LAHS Desktop Publishing classes. 


Slideshows are the default presentation tool. Google Slides, PowerPoint and others can create sideshows. Projects for creating slideshows can include:
  1. Beginner: Create a 10 slide show with a theme and images on each slide.
  2. Advanced: Create a slide show that runs automatically, has transitions between each slide, and animations between bullets and images.
  1. Google Slides Beginner Tutorial
  2. Google Slides Advanced Tutorial


Spreadsheets are big, complex calculators used in all sorts of business applications. Common spreadsheet software includes Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Projects can include:
  1. Beginner: create a spreadsheet with at least 20 points of data, 3 different running total equations, and a final total equation. Use formatting tools to make numbers appropriate and cell colors to make information easier to read.
  2. Intermediate, Graphing. Create 3 small, separate spreadsheets with simple data that can create 3 different graphs: a bar chart, pie chart, and a line chart.


Google Forms are a great way to send out questionnaires and organize the responses. They are fairly straightforward and can be learned in a single project. 

A project to learn Forms can be:

  1. Send out a 10 question questionnaire or quiz to at least 20 of your friends or family. 
  2. Use a variety of types of questions including multiple choice and short answer.
  3. Use Forms to graph and analyze the responses.