Allan Didier

Intro CS Animation Projects

Beginner Animation Projects

Intro 20 Frame Animation

  1. Create a simple 20 frame animation of a single object.
  2. Draw all 20 frames (20 keyframes, no tweening)
  3. Copy and paste the object from frame to frame. Don’t re-draw the object every frame. 
  4. You can move or modify the object at every frame.  

Animating Layers

Instead of animating, learn to draw in preparation for animation.

  1. Draw a background scene, like mountains, forest, inside a room, etc. Nothing in this scene will actually be animated.
  2. Draw 2 other objects that will be animated in their own separate layers. These object could include a cat, dog, cow, clouds, bear, etc. Every object that will be animated should be draw in its own layer with nothing else in that layer. 
  3.  Do a 20 frame animation of the 2 objects or a longer animation using tweening (below).  


Get the computer to do some of the animation.

  1. Draw a single object or a scene like the Animating Layers above.
  2. Create an animation using 20 keyframes lasting at least 60 frames (3 – 6 seconds). Set the keyframes at least 3-5 frames apart.
  3. Get the computer to do animating between the keyframes (tweening).
  4. Tween not only motion but scaling, rotating, color changing, and morphing.