Allan Didier

Maintenance Research Projects

Here is a list of research project topics you can choose from. The attached documents below have the research questions that you will have to answer for each topic. Open the document and make a copy of it so that you can edit and answer the questions directly in it.

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Will computers real take over the world?
  2. CD and DVD Technology: How do CDs and DVDs work?
  3. Computer History: Were the first computers really the size of a building?
  4. CPU Technology: How does this tiny chip do millions of calculations a second?
  5. Cybersecurity: Hacking and being hacked. What’s it all about?
  6. Inkjet Printer: The workhorse and bane of home printing. 
  7. Input Devices: From punch cards to VR, how have input devices changed?
  8. Internet History: The Internet was designed by the US Military, but for what purpose? Learn more about the history of cyberspace.
  9. LCD and Monitor Technology: You look at them every day, but how do they work?
  10. Laser Printer Technology: The workhorse of business printing.
  11. Networks: How do computers and devices communicate with each other?
  12. Storage Drives and Hard Drives: How do hard drives, jump drives, and other storage devices work?
  13. Supercomputers and Quantum Computers: What are these mysterious machines and when can I get one?
  14. Viruses and Malware: Does the Coronavirus affect computers, too? Learn more about how computers get sick.