Allan Didier

Graphics and Modeling Skills

Level / Skill




Objects and Meshes

Selecting, transforming, rotating, scaling.

20 objects per scene

Parent-child relationships


Layers, groups and scenes


50 objects per scene


Particles: computer generated meshes and objects.


Multiple layers, groups and scenes


100+ objects per scene


Meshes, edge, face, vertices


Subdivision surfaces




Objects with 50 vertices


Joining and stitching mesh objects


Modifiers: mirroring, subdivision surfaces, Boolean, bevel, etc.


Vertex groups




Objects with hundreds of vertices

Realistic modeling of objects like people, animals, faces, cars, etc.


Objects with thousands of vertices


Particle systems and auto-generated shapes

Materials & Textures

Basic shading, color, materials, and textures






Basic UV mapping

Intermediate UV mapping


Bump and displacement maps


Node editor with 5+ nodes.


Multiple materials on a single mesh

Lighting multiple scenes

Animating the lighting

Adding mis en scene with lighting

Fire and other complex luminous objects


Basic 3-point lighting system (key, fill, and back lights)


Lighting a character

Spot, hemi, and sun lamps


Adding color to lighting


Scene lighting (outdoor, indoor, and specialty)


Luminous objects

Lighting multiple scenes


Animating the lighting


Adding mis en scene with lighting


Fire and other complex luminous objects

Camera & Rendering

Single camera


Basic rendering


Rendering a simple animation


EVEE vs. Cycles rendering


None specific for this skill. The Beginner Lighting and Materials & Texture assignments will get you this skill.

Camera Motion


Multiple cameras


Rendering complex models and animation

Camera motion: pan, track, and zoom.


Integrating photography rules (rule of thirds, depth of field, etc.)


Customizing rendering




Basic bones and armatures


Basic pre-made rigs


Rig parented to model


Armatures with less than 15 bones

Inverse kinematics


Full human / animal rigs


Weight painting


Armatures with 30 bones

Inanimate object rigs


Facial rigs


Armatures with 50+ bones


Rigs with positioning bones


Frames and keyframes


Basic simple object motion animation


Timeline, Dope Sheet, and Graph Editor

Simple physics engine animations


Adding curves to the graph editor


Animating cameras

12 principles of animation


Realistic movement animation (i.e. walk cycle)


Inverse-kinematic animations


Blender physics systems