Allan Didier

Intermediate Modeling


Students will create a more complex mesh model using intermediate modeling techniques.


  • Modifiers: mirror, subdivision surface, boolean, etc
  • Proportional editing
  • Stitched objects
  • Sculpted objects
Intermediate Modeling

Assignment Details

Create objects using more advanced modeling techniques.

  1. Objects modeled at this level should have 100-200 modifications to them.
  2. Create an object or objects using at least 3 or more of the modeling techniques below.

If you can plan well, you can use this model in future assignments. If you know what object you would like to model, make it using at least 3 of the techniques below. If you don’t know what you would like to make, you can follow one of the tutorial series below which will walk you though the creation of a single, complex object. These tutorial series will also walk you though intermediate materials and textures skills as well. Get credit for both assignments by following one of the tutorial series.  

Intermediate Modeling Techniques

  • Proportional Editing
    • Proportional editing is a way to transform multiple vertices simultaneously.
    • You select a single or group of vertices and modify the other vertices around them. 
    • Proportional Editing Tutorial (old version)
  • Mirror Modifier
    • Create an object with a mirror modifier
    • Make sure the two sides fit together properly
    • Apply a simple texture or material to the object.
    • Mirror Modifier Tutorial (old version)
  • Boolean Modifier
    • Create an object using the Boolean modifier to add or remove area.
    •  10 things should be cut out or added.
    • Keep original objects so we can see how the object was created.
    • Ex: Geometric shapes and objects, tools, parts, designs, etc.
    • Boolean Modifier Tutorial (old version)
  • Other Modifiers
  • Stitched and fused objects
  • Sculpted objects
    • Start with a basic object created though prior means.
    • Turn the object into clay with the sculpting tools to smooth out areas and add detail.
    • Sculpting Tutorial


Tutorials for individual techniques. Many are for the old version (2.7) of Blender.

Proportional Editing
Mirror Modifier
Boolean Modifier
Subdivision Surface Modifier
Bevel Modifier
Array Modifer

These tutorials are longer, multi-part tutorials that cover many of the techniques mentioned above and create more complex meshes. They also cover Intermediate Materials & Texture techniques and can count for that assignment as well.

Anvil Tutorial
Ice Cream Cone
Basket of Apples


Topic / Grade




Number of Techniques

At least 3 modeling techniques have been demonstrated.

At least 2 modeling techniques have been demonstrated.

At least 2 modeling techniques have been demonstrated.

Application of techniques

The modeling techniques have been used clearly and appropriately.

The modeling techniques have been used clearly, but not necessarily appropriately.

It is confusing how the techniques have been used and why they were used.