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Intermediate Materials & Textures

Intermediate Materials & Textures


Students will apply more complex materials and textures to meshes. 


  • UV mapping
  • Multi-node materials
  • Bump, displacement, and roughness maps
  • Procedural textures
  • Mulit-material meshes
Intermediate Textures

Assignment Details

Take an object you have created and make it look more realistic using more complex materials. Create mesh objects with the following materials or textures applied to them.

  • UV mapping
    • Map a UV material to a more complex object that has curves and many sides.
    • UV wrap an object with 20 or more sides. 
    • Example Tutorial : AnvilPart 5.
  • Multi-node editing
    • Create a complex shading or material using 6 or more nodes.
    • Create two objects using 6 or more nodes. 
  • Bump, displacement, and roughness maps
    • Use these to give 3D texture to objects.
    • Create two objects using different 3D textures.
  • Procedural textures
    • Use some of Blender’s material generators instead of using an imported image.
    • Use at least 3 procedural textures.
    • Procedural Textures Tutorial
  • Multi-materials
    • Apply different materials to different areas of a single mesh.
    • Put at least 3 different materials onto a single mesh object. 


Tutorials for individual techniques. Many are for the old version (2.7) of Blender.

Procedural Textures
Complex UV Mapping
Image & Bump Maps

These tutorials are longer, multi-part tutorials that cover many of the techniques mentioned above and create more complex meshes. They also cover Intermediate Materials & Texture techniques and can count for that assignment as well.

Anvil Tutorial
Ice Cream Cone
Basket of Apples


There is no set rubric for this assignment. Grading details will be set based on the project you are doing.