Allan Didier

Advanced Modeling


Students will create more complex models in Blender. 


  • Advanced modeling techniques

Assignment Details

Model a realistic, complex object such as a car, human, animal, or space ship. Your model should be more complex and beyond the Intermediate Modeling assignment. It can be just an extension of your Intermediate Modeling project as well. You should be able to demonstrate multiple intermediate techniques and/or some advanced techniques. Add some realistic materials and textures to your object like those used in the Intermediate Materials and Textures assignment. You may need to add a good lighting system as well in order to see the 3-dimensional depth of your model. You might also explore the particle system in Blender which will get Blender to create complex objects for you such as smoke, fire, trees, or explosions. 


There is no set rubric for these assignments. Grading details will be set based on the project you are doing.