Allan Didier

GD Ruby’s 2D Adventure

Project Description

This tutorial is great if you want to learn how to use Unity to create a more complex, 2D adventure game from scratch. The tutorial requires considerable scripting and will take at least 8 weeks to complete.

This tutorial teaches the following skills

  1. Using sprite sheets to create characters and animation.
  2. Using the animator to create sprite animations.
  3. Adding health systems to your characters.
  4. Creating tile maps to decorate your world.
  5. Creating objects with animations, collisions and damage zones.
  6. Adding cameras and camera motion.
  7. Creating projectiles and their interactions.
  8. Adding particles to your animations.
  9. Creating a heads-up display and user interface.

Since the tutorial is so long, I have broken it down into 2 week projects. Follow the links for more details about each project. The details of the later projects are still being worked on.

  1. Ruby Rubric #1: Tutorials:
    1. Setting up the Unity Editor
    2. Main Character and First Script
    3. Character Controller and Keyboard Input
    4. World Design – Tilemaps
    5. Decorating the World
  2. Ruby Rubric #2:Tutorials:
    1. Wold Interaction – Blocking Movement
    2. World Interactions – Collectibles
    3. World Interactions – Damage Zones and Enemies
  3. Ruby Rubric #3: Tutorials:
    1. Sprite Animation
    2. World Interactions – Projectiles
    3. Camera – Cinemachine
  4. Ruby Rubric #4: Tutorials:
    1. Visual Styling – Particles
    2. Visual Styling – User Interface – Heads Up Display
    3. World Interactions – Dialog Raycast
    4. Audio