Allan Didier

GD 3D Game Kit Project 4

Project Description

3D Game Kit Walkthrough

Dive deeper into the 3D Game Kit by following the full 3D Game Kit Walkthrough. For this project, follow the first four lessons in the walkthrough

  1. A Deeper Look at Moving Platforms
  2. Using Counters and Switches
  3. A Deeper Look at Enemies
  4. Creating a Trap

Either create a whole new scene or expand your scene create in Project #1. You should add the following to your scene. 

  1.  At least 2 moving platforms with customized, multipoint translation, duration, and loop cycles. A pressure plate trigger that activates at least one moving platform. 
  2. At least one door requires multiple switches and counters to open the door. The switches give feedback to the player in the game and the UI. 
  3. At least 3 different enemies have been added including:
    1. A Chomper with a modified Detection Radius and proper movement along the NavMesh Surface.
    2. A Spitter with a modified range, can flee from Ellen and cannot see through environment objects. 
    3. A Grenadier(s) that can use ranged, melee, and  shield options. 
  4.  A Trap with a Platform Trap triggered by a Pressure Pad. The trap drops an object that can either damage enemies or Ellen. 


Grade / Topic




Moving Platforms

Counters and Switches




Game Dynamics

All of the above game dynamics should be easy for the player to use and understand.

The game dynamics can be a little confusing.

The game dynamics are confusing.

Game Aesthetics

The game is not too easy and not too difficult.

Playing the game is enjoyable and you want to see what comes next.

The game is a little too easy or too difficult.

Playing the game is a little frustrating, but you want to see what comes next.

The game is too simple or really difficult.

Playing the game is too easy or too difficult. You don't care what comes next.