Allan Didier

GD 2D Game Kit

Project Description

Unity WindowHelp Ellen explore a new world! Create a game using the free, pre-made Unity asset called the 2D Game Kit. This kit has all the parts needed to create a multi-level game without the need for any coding. 

Using this kit, you can do multiple projects for this class. 

  1. 2D Game Kit Level 1: Download the kit and get going. Follow the online Unity text-based 2D Game Kit Walkthrough tutorial to get your game started.
  2. 2D Game Kit Level 2: Add a second level to the game. Follow the online Video 2D Game Kit Walkthrough to learn the advanced features in the game kit. 
  3. 2D Game Kit Level 3: If you really enjoy this kit and want to continue with this kit, you can create a third level with the robot boss or redesign your game to create a game with increasing difficulty and challenges. There is no tutorial on how to work with the boss, so you will have to modify their pre-made game to do it. This may also require a little coding. 

If you are working from home, you might have to follow the Getting Started with the 2D Game Kit tutorial which describes how to get Unity and the kit downloaded and installed.

If you are having trouble with the 2D Game Kit, this 2D GameKit Troubleshooting page may help.